4z: I convert two more zombies, who survive the conversion

I’m pretty tired today, so I’ll be brief. We did two zombies. Both were pretty healthy units, converted in the last couple months. The setup was the same as the day before yesterday: Guards, physicians, armor, etc. There was indeed a code team this time, along with a few other people whose role I couldn’t identify. Also a medical photographer. It got crowded enough that Dr. N (who is fairly heavyset) actually ended up standing outside.

Both conversions went fine, I guess. The first was this older guy with heavy metal tattoos all over his body. Weirdly, he was wearing an old orthopedic back brace – I guess they just sort of dumped him into storage without doing a proper intake. He basically just woke up when I bit him and started looking around – “Oh, am I in the hospital?” – and then he starts swearing in this Deep South accent and shouting about how much his left elbow hurt. It would have been funny under other circumstances.

The other unit was one of the bariatric zombs. She woke up terrified. I am sympathetic to that – it must be pretty scary. She also had some pretty serious wounds that started bleeding very briskly. It seems like basically, all the medical issues that were present before conversion come back after they wake up, along with whatever damage was incurred during the period of zombism. I think we are probably going to have to be pan-scanning these people before converting them, so we know what we are going to be dealing with.

Anyway, we are going to be doing something like this again tomorrow, with a film crew present. They want to do a formal press release. No one is making me talk to the press, which is great. My head is swimming. I just hope that someone figures out how to wake up zombies without my having to bite them all…..

Still, there are so many possibilities that this opens up. The one on my mind right now is space travel. We could convert the crew of a spaceship to zombies, let them travel for however long, and then wake them up again when they get to their destination. Since zombies don’t breathe, eat or get bored, they could make the trip with no trouble at all as long as they are properly stored. Zombies on Mars! It’s like an Ed Wood film.


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